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Loving Your Rabbit

With long ears, a twitchy nose, and a puff ball tail, rabbits have long been a popular pet. Caring for your pet rabbit can be time consuming, but, if done right, it will give you the affections of a beloved member of your family.

Choosing the right hutch: indoors or outdoors

In the past, rabbits were largely kept outdoors. Provided with a sturdy hutch, they can be kept safe and clean outdoors. They can also be given an enclosed area of grass for a run.

However, many now prefer to keep their rabbits indoors. Inside, they can be kept in a hutch or allowed to roam free as house rabbits. In either case, they should be given plenty of time to exercise.

Exercise for your rabbit

A rabbit’s main exercise will be running, or hopping around. The larger the area, the more they will be able to do, but any exercise area should give them enough space to do several fully stretched hops. It is also possible to train a rabbit to walk on a lead, but many rabbits do not enjoy having a harness

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Guide to a House Trained Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always an occasion for joy, but for first-timers, it can also be stressful. Of course, you want to get everything right, so that you and your new best friend can enjoy many happy years together, and that means training your puppy to become a good canine citizen. Before you get going on obedience training, though, start with house training.

How It’s Done

You might think that house training is going to take forever, but the reality is that if you follow these twelve basic steps, you’ll get the job done quickly – probably in just a few weeks.

1. Be Consistent

There is more than one way of house training a puppy. Just make sure that whatever approach you take, you stick with it.

2. Have a Routine

Dogs are happiest when they know what to expect, and what’s expected of them. So set specific times for meals. Then, about half an hour after your puppy has eaten, put him outside, and wait until he’s done his business. Then bring him back in.

3. Be Watchful

Puppies need to be closely supervised, especially during house training. You

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All about Pelican of Rhodes

When I was a young man, my perception of what was real and possible in the universe was based on the premise that “facts” and “logic” were the cornerstones of what was widely acknowledged as “reality”. I adhered to this misconceived notion unquestionably, not realizing that there is indeed magic in the world, and that we often only have to be in the right place, at the right time to discover it.

My concept of reality was about to change forever on the enchanting island of Rhodes, Greece. Rhodes is replete with mystery, as it was once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes, a huge bronze statue erected in 280 BC, which at over 30 meters tall, stood majestically guarding the harbor.

It was within this mythical setting that I found myself with my traveling buddy and good friend Wendell. Wendell and I had been traversing throughout Europe for several months, and had ventured to Rhodes with the intention of viewing the spot where the famous statue had once stood. We were captivated by

All About Snails

Many hobbyists love to have snails in their aquarium. Snails appear gentle and calm. Their slow and graceful movement has a soothing effect. Many snails are placed in the aquarium deliberately as part of the display.

However, too often, a small number of snails can lead to a full blown infestation. Snails usually eat detritus, algae and other organic matter. Sometimes, though, they can attack aquarium plants. A huge number of snails on everything from plants to aquarium walls to the gravel and the filters can affect the aesthetics of the aquarium.

The Snail becomes a pest which needs to be controlled. There are different ways of controlling snails.

Commercial pesticides for Snails available at your petshop can be used. However, these pesticides tend to damage the beneficial bacterial in the aquarium affecting the biological filtration.

There are mechanical snails traps which lure the snails into an enclosure form which they cannot escape. The snails can then be discarded.

Another method is the use of snail eating fish such as loaches and puffer fish. These fish target snails and can be effective, particularly in large aquariums.

Preventing Snail infestation

Avoid Snails

It is best to avoid snails. Many people put snails in the aquarium as part of the

Little Tricks For A Betta Fish

Keeping your Betta fish happy and at the top of his health has a lot to do with what you feed him. Betta fish can be notoriously picky eaters, but will eat with enthusiasm food they like, including things they shouldn’t be eating. In order to keep your fish looking and feeling their best, you need to pay close attention to what and how you feed them.

Don’t Overfeed Your Betta

Siamese fighting fish can be really expressive. So expressive that you may feel tempted to feed them more than they should, because given the way they attack the food they like, the poor things must be starving! That is just not true. Your fish is fine with feeding once a day a moderate amount of high quality food, they just like making a big show of it. You should feed enough food to be eaten within 2 minutes, because overfeeding will just end up causing a dirty tank which is the perfect growing ground for bacteria instead of healthy Bettas. A bit of a rounded belly is OK, as you don’t want your fish to be too thin, but a definitely rounded shape is a sign that you are feeding

Step To Build A Pond

I don’t know anyone who has ever regretted building a pond. However, I do know several people who would have made some changes to their pond design if they had known how much fun and pleasure they got out of their ponds. Especially if they stock it with koi fish. These guys are hogs, they’ll eat out of your hand and they never get full.

Here are five tips to consider if you’re thinking about building a pond:

1. Build the pond as big as your yard and budget will allow. Most of us start out with a pond that ranges in size from 500 to 2,000 gallons. And then, if the room is available, build another one.

The reason is simple. If we stock it with fish, we start out with a few and then want more. There are hundreds of color combinations and many varieties of fish to choose from and one is never enough.

Some, like Koi, get really big and you should limit the number of fish to one for 100 gallons to avoid overcrowding. Fish may require additional water filtration and aeration equipment and that should be decided during the design phase. It’s very similar to planning a swimming

Choosing The Right Aquarium To Buy

Many people have different hobbies. One popular hobby involving animals is caring for fish in an aquarium. Watching these small creatures swimming gracefully around in a tank all day can be a true source of joy, comfort and relaxation for many enthusiasts. This is why there are always several retail spaces in most cities offering everything from different varieties of fish, to fish food, to live plants, to equipment, and of course, the aquarium.

While many retailers can claim to have the best products, you can’t always judge from their stocks alone whether they would be the best people to get your supplies from. The best way to identify a trustworthy supplier of aquariums and all other products related to this hobby would be to take a look at how the company does business. Look for a retailer that practises and observes the following principles.

– Choose a retailer that sells healthy, choice livestock. You want to do business with a retailer that provides fish that will live a healthy life. This means that the fish are not genetically modified, or enhanced with artificial colours, or unsuitable for life in captivity. When the retailer demonstrates care for the fish you will be

The Cons of Exotic Species

What are exotic species? Exotic species are species that are not native to the environment. They can be plants, fish, or animals. The reason they are dangerous is that they can invade a native environment and take over because the native species, whether plant, fish, or mammal, do not have the means to defend themselves against the exotic introduced species.

One exotic species, that is not really so exotic, but comes under the heading of harmful or potentially harmful and can overtake an environment and affect the ecosystem is the common goldfish. Goldfish are plentiful. They are easily obtained. And they may be dumped into a local pond or lake where they can grow and crowd out native species as they eat food meant for the native species. Another fairly well-known example is how pythons have been taking over the Everglades in Florida, even able to consume alligators.

Potentially harmful plants include water hyacinths, giant salvinia, and hydrilla. Exotic fish include Asian carp which go by the names of grass, silver, and bighead; tilapia, and zebra mussels. Harmful plants and animals are regulated by strict state laws. Permits are required to transport them. There are fines if these species are found. There

Wrong Things New Dog Owners To Do

First-time puppy owners are a lot like first-time parents – they’re happy about the new arrival, but fearful of making mistakes, and perhaps even a bit intimidated by the responsibility they’re about to undertake. Certainly, it is a big responsibility, and it’s a given that you’ll make mistakes. The key is not to re-invent the wheel.

Dog owners who came before you have already made just about every possible mistake. So, if you understand where they got it wrong, you can avoid common mistakes. Here are 10 of them.

1. Committing Without Thinking

If you’re not 100% sure that you’re ready to commit to a dog, stop right here and wait until you are ready. A puppy is not something you should buy on impulse. Too many dogs end up in shelters because people decided they weren’t ready for a commitment that lasts ten or so years.

2. Putting off Training

“I’ll start tomorrow,” you think. Then tomorrow comes and goes, and your puppy grows, and next thing you know you have a rambunctious adolescent with a lot of bad habits. The sooner you start obedience training, the better – it’s much easier to nip a problem in the bud than to correct it later

All About Dogs And Breeds


The toy dog is defined as being under 20 pounds. Besides being lap dogs, many are smart, stubborn, and rule the roost. They make excellent pets for apartment dwellers and seniors as they can get plenty of exercise indoors. They are affectionate and people-oriented dogs. The Pugs and (smooth-coated variety) Chihuahuas are easy to groom; where as the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, and the Shih Tzu are high-maintenance dogs. The Pomeranian is a breed that sheds a lot. Breeds also include Toy Poodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Havanese, Papillons, Pekingese Sporting Dogs.

Sporting Dogs

Sporting dogs are the larger dogs that needs lots of exercise but make great companions. These dogs are the ones you take hunting with you. These dogs are great family dogs, smart, and are affectionate. The Cocker Spaniel is a high-maintenance dog as there will be many trips to the groomers. The English Springer Spaniel is one that has been a winning show dog. Breeds also include Labrador Retrievers, Irish Setters, Brittanys, American Water Spaniels, and German Shorthaired Pointers.

Non Sporting Dogs

This group varies in size from very small to very large. Personalities vary as well. There are breeds who are very lovable and those which only love their owner.

Things You Need To Know About Dog Injuries

Canine limping is a very common thing and the peculiar thing is that it is not only due to old age that this problem is caused. There are hosts of other medical reasons like trauma to subtle chronic conditions. Even a slight leg limp can be signs that your pooch is suffering from a life threatening condition like a malignant tumor. Let us now look at some of the injuries that can cause limping in dogs:

Soft Tissue Injury

This is one of the most prevalent reasons for dog limping. This can include muscle pulls, minor traumas and sprains. They are not very serious and can be treated with adequate rest for a couple of days and analgesic.


If your pooch finds it difficult to get up after lying or sitting after some time or trouble climbing stairs, getting in and out of the bed then it can be due to canine arthritis. If you have a large breed dog, then there is also a probability of having hip dysplasia.

Footpad Or Paw Injuries

If you see cuts at the foot pad of the dog check for splinters or other foreign objects embedded in the footpad or between the toes. Look for broken claws.

How To Teach Birds Talk

Spending a few minutes chatting with a talking bird can brighten your day, and adding a bird to your family will provide a fun opportunity to enjoy the bonds that form when your feathered companion can talk. Many types of birds love to talk and their styles can vary according to their species as well as their temperament. While some birds may be able to memorize a few words, others can carry on full conversations. Here are the top pet bird types that have the ability to learn to talk along with their defining characteristics to help you decide which one will best fit your lifestyle.

Converse With a Conure

Conures are known for having the smallest vocabulary out of the parrot family. However, what they lack in words, they make up for in personality. Conures have a loud, attention-getting voice, and they sound more like a bird than other species. Although they can reproduce the human voice to some degree, you may also hear them chatter in bird talk while maintaining a human-like rhythm. They also have a surprisingly strong ability to mimic many different kinds of sounds, and your conure can keep you in giggles as they sneeze, chortle and

Tools for Budgies

Choosing a cage for your Budgies is extremely important. The following are some of the tips for someone searching for a suitable cage for their budgies.

Budgies are extremely active birds. When choosing a cage it is important to ensure that the cage is wide enough for the birds to fly across the cage and exercise themselves.

Place two perches on either ends of the cages for the birds to perch themselves. The perches should be at least an half an inch thick to prevent damage to the budgies’ feet.

The bars of the bars should be spaced not more than 1/2 inch apart. A larger spacing can cause budgies to stick their heads out of the cage with the risk of the head getting trapped between the bars.

There should be a sufficient number of horizontal bars as budgies are avid climbers and love to climb the cage walls.

The cage should ideally be rectangular in shape. Avoid circular cages as they make budgies a bit insecure.

The cage should have a removable tray at the bottom to remove waste and keep the cage clean.

The cage should have doors which can be secured effectively. Budgies are clever birds and will soon find a way

Choose The Rights Bird For Your Pets

Birds are amazing creatures that could be a great addition to your family. When choosing a pet bird, you will want to find the bird most compatible with your lifestyle and living situation. Here are some of the most popular birds that make the perfect pets.

The Parakeet (Budgies)

This is the favorite of all pet birds. These birds are the perfect choice for new bird owners or adults with children living in their homes. Even though the parakeet is not as large as its cousins, it will still require the same type of respect and care as a parrot. Due to their size, parakeets do not require a lot of space and they are easy to maintain. You can choose from a variety of colors, including red, purple, blue and green. Parakeets are smart enough to learn various words and phrases; however, most of these birds are content with whistling and singing. The average life span of a Parakeet is approximately 12 to 14 years.

African Greys

This is one of the most intelligent birds to choose from. African Greys have a very large vocabulary, and once you learn how to care for them properly, these pet birds are easy to train. Due

Cat Will Improve Your Health

The Cat as Part of Your Life

There are days when you wake up at the wrong side of the bed. Your alarm did not ring, and the whole day is spent catching up. As you run yourself ragged on errands and projects, your old car goes caput. When the tow truck pulls away your car as well as your patience, it is about time to retire for the day. The levels of stress and frustration have hit an all time high. It is a good thing that when you reach home, your top fans Tom and Kitty are there to welcome you. Ever since these two amazing cats have arrived in your home, so far, you have not experienced an uneventful day.

Even if you feel weak after what has occurred during the day, you manage to find your way to your room while Kitty does her customary habit of quickly rubbing her body against your leg. When you drop your bags and settle in, Tom jumps on your lap so you can scratch the back of his ears and neck. This is when your body and breathing begin to relax. Your shoulders release all the tension. You smile with ease.

Guide To Bringing Home a New Cat

When you bring home a new cat, regardless of where it came from, the first day in your home is the most crucial and special. So, if you plan to get a new cat, it is important to know some facts about the way cats relate to others of their own kind.

Territory is very important to cats. They see it the way a lot of us see our clothes. We feel bare and unprotected without them. When we are naked in a room full of strangers, majority of us would hide from view. Whether cats come from a home or the street, it is natural for them to hide in their new territory. This is especially true for extra sensitive or anti-social cats that usually hide for a week or so. While we consider the new cat as a member of the family, he is not aware of it.

To make it a lot easier and smoother to move into a new home, you should give a new cat some privacy. To do this, prepare your home for the cat’s arrival. Your cat should have room to place the litter box, such as a bathroom. If possible, the litter box should

The Best Food For Cats

Having a pet cat or kitten can be really nice especially if it is your first time. However, you also need to be responsible enough to know what is best for your pet. The first thing that you should know when you opt to have a pet cat is to choose the best food for cats. You cannot just buy any food you see in a pet shop as you have to consider the nutritional value.

When choosing a cat food brand, consider your pet’s age. A cat’s age is broadly segmented into three stages: kitten, adult and senior. Ideally, you should choose cat food that is appropriate to your pet’s age.Foods manufactured especially for kittens are rich in both protein and fat which are essential to the development of your pet’s muscles, bones, and teeth.

Additionally, kittens require more protein and fat because they are more active and can burn more calories. Adult cats, on the other hand, require a diet low in calories. Just like humans, adult cats can become overweight if they are overfed or given the wrong type of food and do not get much physical activity. Being overweight can leave them susceptible to diseases and conditions like

How To Make Pet Ownership Easy

Every pet owner wants to get the best things for his furry pal. But are there any best hacks that can take your pet ownership skills to the next level? With a wide array of pet products available in the market from apparels to grooming supplies, sanitation, feeding supplies, cleaning, pet techs and gadgets it sometimes becomes a difficult ask to select the best ones for your furry pal. With the advancement of technology, it has now become possible to make pet ownership easy.

Let us look at some of the products that will assist you in achieving this feat:

Automatic Feeders & Waterers

This product has been developed for the convenience of pet owners. Now you do not have to worry about feeding or watering your pet until and unless the stock is over in the storage area. There are a variety of DIY automatic feeders and waterers available in the market that can make your life easier. Normal bowls are now a thing of the past. Pet feeders and waterers that need you to only fill up the storage is a total fad. Now you do not have to put any reminders to feed your furry companion or water them.

Learn To Taking Care Electric Blue Crayfish

If you are just getting into blue crayfish, then you might have some questions about electric blue crayfish care. I know that I did when I first got started. So below I’ll give you some tips that will hopefully make caring for your blue guy (or gal) a little easier.

Create a Comfortable Habitat

Crayfish are for the most part, one of the easiest aquatic pets to care for. They don’t need much, but you do want to make them comfortable and ensure they have a long, healthy and comfortable life.

To help keep your little critter safe and cozy, you will need to of course provide him with the right habitat. This obviously is an essential piece of electric blue crayfish care.

Some people will tell you he can just live in a jug with some water or something a little crazy like that. However, if you want to enjoy your blue crayfish and again, keep him healthy, I suggest buying at least a 10 gallon aquarium and creating a habitat that will be comfortable for your crayfish.

Just as a note, be sure to read up on setting up your tank before you put your crayfish (or fish) into the tank. This will

How To Taking Care Freshwater Crayfish

Freshwater crayfish are beautiful and fascinating creatures to house in an aquarium. There are over 100 different species of crayfish which differ in color, from yellow to green and brown to red. Most of them live up to 3 years, though some may live longer. Nonetheless there is more to keeping crayfish than just throwing them in the tank. Even though they live in mud when in the wild, ensuring that the creature is both healthy and happy at all times is very important.

You must pay attention to a number of factors including, water chemistry and quality, whom they are sharing the tank with and diet. You must also understand that different species of the fish have slightly different needs, temperaments and behavior. Here is a comprehensive guide on freshwater crayfish care:

Water parameters

This is one of the most important factors associated with freshwater crayfish care. If the water conditions in the aquarium are not right, your fish may become uncomfortable or even die. So before you start keeping crayfish learn about cycling your fish tank. Here are some other great points to consider:

– Make sure you keep the water at a Ph. level between 7 and 8.

– Crayfish will do