Monthly Archives: December 2017

Spending a Holiday in the Mountains

Life in the city can be fun during the holiday season.  You have all the parades, the displays at the big stores, and the events and entertainment.  But sometimes you also want to go someplace to get away from all the hectic city activity for a day or two.  That’s why my family looks forward to our seasonal drive to the mountains each winter.  We first did it because my sons wanted to try skiing.  So we rented a car for a day and drove to the nearest ski vacation spot as a special holiday treat.  It wasn’t far, but we had to hurry back home to return the car the next day.  I promised the kids on our next trip we’d spend more time to enjoy the place.

The next year I took advantage of a Groupon coupon to rent a car for a weekend at a discount from Enterprise.  We left that Friday with our winter clothes, some games and entertainment packed.  I’d rented us a cabin at a lodge one of my co-workers shared.  They not only ski there, they also go in for dog-sledding.  The kids became more fascinated with the dog sledding than they had ever been with the skiing; they were around those dogs nearly all the time.  I kind of liked them myself; they reminded me of those holiday TV commercials.  We took the sleds for some trips to places to attend holiday parties, ice skating on frozen lakes, and then back to the ski slopes, where the dogs waited until we took the lift back up after doing a run down the slopes.  Then the sleds took us back to the lodge for evening supper and a rest before the fireplace, roasting marshmallows and listening to good stories and our favorite music.

The kids didn’t want to return to the city, but I assured them they’d get a chance to return before winter ended.  That’s were using the rented car with the Groupon coupon for Enterprise had been valuable; saving on the cost of personal car maintenance and upkeep by relying on Enterprise made it possible for us to afford more than one trip for the season.  The kids don’t know it yet, but we’ve already made reservations to return to that lodge on a trip during their next school break.  That’ll be their present for good performance at school.